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Moss and Mold Pear Tree

Birches and Pear Trees – Moss and Mold

The Birch trees are now in their 4th year – they are not quite a forest yet but soon. The Pear Tree is more than 40 years old and is covered in moss and mold but produces pears each year to feed the birds and possums.

Autumn – 2016 at the Lane

At Uccello Lane the Autumn foliage, the vibrant reds and greens against the bark of the gum trees is nature at its best. A photographer visited and captured some of the scenic surroundings in the Lane.

The Secret Garden – Autumn Lights

So the “Secret Garden” is finished – we will add the water feature and some plants later but for now it is just blending in with the rest of the garden and is truly magical. It is most perfect in the early morning – protected from the wind and cold acting like a suntrap – Bonnie and I head out to for breakfast and get ready for the day. Sometimes the big grey kangaroo visits but mostly we miss him but know he has been there by the giant droppings!
Eats new grass and visits - then gently jumps away...no hassle...Bonnie is very unsettled..

Eats new grass and visits – then gently jumps away…no hassle…Bonnie is very unsettled..