Natives Garden – beside the back gate…

Past the edibles and through the gate is the native garden – wattle to the right and then correa and native plants mixed in with some sedum “Summer Joy”. The soil here was terrible – tee trees had made planting difficult and the only plants that survived were natives.

There were rocks and established trees – but very shady and for ages we would stand and look at this and wonder what to do.

So we decided to plant anything that we just liked – providing is was shade loving, tough and if possibly a native. This included a box hedge (normally you see these with White Iceberg Roses) which we have never trimmed. Also a Bird House and a large “formal” urn, some westringa “balls” and a Ginko! I know it sounds a bit hotch potch – but we figured when you don’t know what to plant – then go for things you like!


Firstly we cleared the scrubby trees and weeds, put down some soil and compost then mulched and just let everything settle for a year or so.


Trees – Wattle – Glorious Color (even Pink)

Wattles belong to the genus Acacia, in the Mimosa family. Uccello Lane has many wattles but the favorite is the Pink Blaze.

There are over 600 different species distributed throughout Australia with shapes varying from low, spreading shrubs to large, upright trees. Most are early spring and summer-flowering, there are wattles that bloom all year round – and provide a welcome burst of color when everything else is just sitting waiting for the warmer weather.