Orchard and Fruit Trees

We planted an “orchard” next to Il Pergolato Di Rosa – it has been slow growing in size but every year there are cherries, pears, apples and plums – and some great blossoms. There is a Japanese Cherry Tree which blossoms for much longer than the others – it is a triple blossom of pink and white. Next is the olive trees which are full of green olives each year – as with every other fruit tree at Uccello Lane everything is eaten by the birds – which is fine by us!.

Crabapples were a favorite of Edna Wallings and Paul Bangay has them in his white garden at Stonefields – he calls them “2 week wonders” but for those two weeks they are amazing to look at.  They line the Woodland along ” Crabapple Walk” – not all blossom at the same time which means it is more like a six week wonder.

The is one Miniature Italian Pear Tree near the birch forest – it is quite old but every year is full of small pears – which are eaten by the birds and possums very quickly!. The Pomegranates on the bank are growing slowly but each year produce some fruit which -yes – the birds eat along with the Ornamental Guava berries. There are fig and lemon trees in the chook enclosures which flourish with all the compost and chook poo.

The queen of the fruit trees is the amazing Cherry Blossom near “The Bank” – it just takes your breath away – with amazing bark and twisted trunk. It comes out at the same time as the Wisteria so together they provide an amazing fragrance and the bees love it!

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