At Uccello Lane

Uccello Lane – its autumn and sometimes I think this is my favourite season. We have finished the mulching after moving tons and tons of it but the impact is well worth it.

We heavily pruned after missing out last year with COVID and are continuing to get ready for this years Open Garden – surely third time lucky.

There are more seats, a cubby and sandpit area for the grandsons, extended the perennial and finishing making seats, creating safer paths and finishing the Il Pergolato di Rosa with some beautiful Mary Lou Pittard Tiles and something special in the Secret Garden.

But for this year it was all about the Wisteria – it was humming with bees but we got this movie because as soon as the flowering is done it is time for a very hard prune before it pulls down the verandah.

to hope for a Spring to be magic as always – the wisteria and the salvias blooming in all their Purple Glory!

For the sixth lockdown in 2021 we took pictures of how the garden looked when we would have had the Open Garden (mid October) – it looks spectacular! But we saw some gaps and have made some changes

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