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Uccello Lane – Open Garden Victoria October 16th & 17 2021
Yes – COVID pending of course – Uccello Land will be open in October. We are working hard to get everything ready – making seats, creating safer paths and finishing the Il Pergolato di Rosa with some beautiful Mary Lou Pittard Tiles.

2020 Pandemic – and here we are again..

In 2020 during the pandemic we went through all seasons.  With a total lockdown in place, the usual garden help were not available.
Hardly any pruning or  trimming was done – just trying to keep things tidy and the undergrowth down to make sure the snakes etc had no where to go.
Summer  bought with it rain followed by warm days – followed by rain. Growth was amazing – but by early January we could feel the heat and the grass is drying off. The roses were magnificent.

Autumn followed this almost non-existent summer, and then a Winter seemed to go on forever as we waited for the bulbs to break through.

Now in 2121 in our 5th lockdown we are at Winter again – the best thing is to hope for a Spring to be magic as always – the wisteria and the salvias blooming in all their Purple Glory!

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