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Mr Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans) calls by for breakfast.

The Crimson Rosella’s have been gradually making their way to be included in the feeding on the front deck.
Lets not be mistaken though the Lorikeets still own the space, try to take on the King Parrot and will not tolerate Pidgeons, Doves, White Cockatoos etc.
A Crimson Rosella started eating the left overs from the King Parrot and with the Lorikeets nowhere he stayed for ages. There are two of them nesting high up in one of the gum trees but they rarely venture down – preferring the berries and correos tree.
Once the Rosella started eating it was clear excellent manners were at play – putting the seed in his mouth with his foot in a sort of reverse scissor action and all the time staring through the window as if to say..”I know you are there…!
The Rosella stayed for a while then yes – you guessed it the Lorikeets arrived back along with the King Parrots and a couple of doves.
Breakfast was over!
Rosella Eating

Crimson Rosella walking away – too many birds at breakfast

King Parrots (Alisterus scapularis) – Bright but just a bit shy

The King Parrots are gentler, shyer birds who will eat food from your hand. They visit each day and call out as soon as they arrive.
They gather on the bbq and wait – they sing and appear to “stare” at you till food is produced. Their feathers really are magnificent in color and seemingly different on each bird.
King Parrot at Uccello Lane

King Parrot Eating from the hand – vary carefully

Windows to the Garden – “The Bank”

The garden… viewed from the study, the craft room or the conservatory we call “the bank”. It is always on show – it is blossoming, blooming with flowers and birds – but it was not always this way – in fact the exact opposite!.So in early days of Uccello Lane – Heather Allen was given this task – a cottage garden on “the bank” please!
First we had to clear away the existing trees and weeds. Trav’s Trees came with their chainsaws and this was the first of many visits to maintain and manage trees at Uccello Lane.
A cottage garden was planted so that the view out was like a picture. Within 6 months the bank was covered with flowers and greenery. A bird feeder was installed and the yellow cheeked black cockatoo and King Parrots became regular visitors.