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Spring Late – 2019 Guest Photographer

Spring 2019 has been glorious – after the hot summer we had some good rainfall – and now it is lush. We had a guest photographer capture some of Uccello Lane – and some old photos of how it was.

Starting with “The Bank”  everything is in flower including the wisteria, snowball trees and the lavender. Have a look at how it was in 2013 .

The edibles and kitchen garden are getting planted – and the fennel has taken over.

The birch forest with the helibores underplanted and trees with bark that look like an owl..some old pictures from 2015 – before the birches grew

The Secret Garden has a lavender hedge and a new wrought iron door to peep through – it all started with a string line and some plastic fencing…
The Rosa Arbor is in getting ready to burst – and the natives are also keen to get in on the season…
then it across to CrabApple Walk – past the dry stone wall and across to the perennial garden

Rosa di Pagola, Artichokes – and an Alien Salvia!

Rosa di Pagola has emerged from its life as a cricket pitch. There is a meandering path down that leads past the artichokes with their purple seed heads – and then the alien salvia…


Ulmus procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’ Elm

There are over 100 trees at Uccello Lane – magnificent Ghosts Gums, wattles, banksia, olives, fruit, birch  – with the Ulmus procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’ Elm being the King of the Hill!. As you drive up to the Secret Garden it is standing there with the almost citrus green foliage and this year after it’s Elm Tree Beetle injection it has grown an extra metre or two! It has taken ages for the tree to get ready for autumn and it is only now with winter here that the leaves have turned and are getting ready to drop

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Summer – 2016 at the Lane

It is the end of Summer 2016 – and it has been hot. But in the middle of all this the perfumed roses, the Chinese Lanterns, native Jasmine and the Tree Peony all thrived. No idea why – but they do get watered well by next-doors high powered sprinkler system. The roses were climbing on the wooden teepees – we have the sticks, the twine the nails – we just need to make some more

Secret Garden & the Elm

Secret Garden & the Elm

Autumn – 2016 at the Lane

At Uccello Lane the Autumn foliage, the vibrant reds and greens against the bark of the gum trees is nature at its best. A photographer visited and captured some of the scenic surroundings in the Lane.

Winter – 2015 at the Lane

Winter is here so we have moved “inside” at the Lane. The wood fire is going and the frosts are still coming – the passion-fruit vine is just a couple of long stalks after it looked so healthy!
In the garden there are flowers from Hellebores, Camellias and Magnolias which truly beautiful and just keep coming.The bulbs are just starting to peep out and the bluebells in the birch forest look ready to pop. Over 20 roses have been planted – mainly “old fashioned” ones – some on the wall of the Secret Garden where they will begin the “perfumed Garden” theme.The proteas are out in the “Welcome Bed” and their foliage has provided the color that you need for winter. Best news is – the chooks are laying again!

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