Uccello Lane

– Planning for the rare day when you truly will fly!

Orchard – lets start with an Apple

We have started the Tuscan -” lets eat drink & laugh” vibe – so there are 10 different fruit trees, a grape vine – olive trees and a BIG hand carved apple!

Pathways – Edna Walling Walk

The is a walk starting from the chook pen, across to the Wisteria colonnade, past the Birch Forest – around the back of the Secret Garden – down to Crab Apple Walk – and there you are… not quite done yet just finishing the Rose Pegola …we will call it Edna Walling Walk.

Winter – 2016 at the Lane

It is deepest, bleakest winter at Uccello Lane and a visit from our photographer captured the colors and the detail.


Bonnie Dog – On Guard

Bonnie Dog is almost 8 years old and is a devoted member of the team at Uccello Lane. She had a big territory to manage – birds, chooks, rabbits, kangaroos, possums, rats, mice, snakes. lizards….and many things in between.

She is often exhausted and has to rest but due to superior hearing can be disturbed by a slight noise in the garden. She is a bit scared of the fox…but unfortunately NOT of the snakes! The chooks just laugh at her – but Bonnie knows one day she will get in that coup!

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