Birch Forest – As it grew

“Walling’s style was demonstrated with her magical method of placing silver birch trees in subtle harmony with one another, she took five potatoes from a bucket, threw them all in the same general direction and said “There!” It was no more haphazard than nature’s way.” The Birch trees are now in their 7th year – they are not quite a forest yet but soon….

And so we started at the back …….

For the first 18 months we just cleared the areas where plants had been left to grow wild – blackberries and weeds of every sort were thriving – and no pruning meant ground covers had turned into bushes!. We did the back first as there was a lot of undergrowth and snakes were on our mind. Trav the Treeman came to look at the…

Abutilons – Chinese Lanterns

Abutilon or Chinese lanterns many different colors and so easy to look after. They come in many colors and can be cut back hard and will reflower quickly. There is a Flea Beatle which seems to feast on the leaves – so we have been spraying with some oil and also digging up around roots – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


Poppies are amazing. A handful of seeds and you are rewarded by a blaze of color year after year. The Scarlet poppy is the most striking and resilient. We planted a whole raised garden bed of Poppies on our way to the Chook Pen – it was a daily treat.  

Il Giardino Segreto (The Secret Garden) settles into the Lane

The Secret Garden settled into the Garden and is a wonderful escape from everything. We changed to Hobbit Door to some wrought iron leaves so you could peep through and see what was growing. Every season we plant something new – this year lots of bulbs for that early spring color. You can see the walls from everywhere in the garden but it is…


Roses are a must in any garden – there is a place for them anywhere even if it is just a pot! We built the Rosa di Pagola as the main feature but all around Uccello Lane there are roses – so we always have flowers somewhere.


Our love of the Salvia knows no bounds – rugged, forgiving and just keeps flowering – often when other parts of the garden are having a rest. Planted next to Hebe they look great and both plants seem to be able to even survive the frosts. The Argentia Salvia looks like an alien with big fluffy silver leaves.

Stonefields by Paul Bangay

Recently open to the public Stonefields was described as: Previous visitors will get a first-hand look at the growth of the garden and new additions made since 2013. New visitors can look forward to a day of indulging in Pauls’ incredible private garden, rarely open to the public. Expect 4.6 acres of enchanting elegance, delightful detail and just a touch of wicked whimsy, all…


“A must see garden made at the top of The Dandenongs where a maze of stone walls and jewel like garden rooms are set within woodlands of magnificent and historic, cool climate trees. Some 20 garden compartments are threaded through glorious 80 year old European beech, magnolias, maples and a collection of fabulous Himalayan tree rhododendrons, all beautifully grown and a testament to the…


Erected in 1863 Beleura at Mornington retain elements of an earlier pre 1900 garden. Commencing in 1952 Jack Morton Tallis overlaid his parents garden with a romantic, idiosyncratic version of an Italian garden.  It is the intention of the Trustees appointed by Jack Morton Tallis to maintain this condition of things and to make Beleura and its gardens and contents available to the people…


Located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Heronswood Gardens, Nursery and Restaurant offer an idyllic location to escape to crowds, relax and shop for a huge range of plants, heirloom seeds and garden hardware. Wander through the gardens of The Diggers Club featuring seasonal plantings of heirloom vegetables, fruit trees and glorious flowering annuals and perennials.   Link to Heronswood          …

Alowyn Gardens

“Alowyn Garden is designed along strong symmetrical lines that become blurred by the softness of the spaces and the grace of the trees, within an area of approximately 4 acres. There are 5 clearly defined areas within the gardens, a perennial border, designed to display colour from Spring to Autumn, a silver birch forest, an edible garden of generous proportions, a parterre garden and…