Bickleigh Vale by Edna Walling: The Garden

Bickleigh Vale is the epitome of Edna Walling, where she not only designed the garden, but the houses also.  Design elements of Bickleigh Vale include:
  • a series of outside rooms.
  • sensitivity to site – quite relaxed, informal and romantic.
  • mass planting to frame the lawn that spreads through the garden, leading the eye.


  • English cottage plants such as helabore, azalea, daphne, berberis, dogwood and viburnum.
  • also Camelia’s and always a Wisteria Colonnade
  • trees include oak, beech and birches.

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  • gateways and paths that link the cottages.
  • birdbaths, stone walls and “Secret Rooms”
  • …..and always a Wisteria Colonnade

Gardening Australia – Fact Sheet: Bickleigh Vale

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