The Woodland

Building a woodland area seemed a bit off-centre at first – even a rain forest given the hot climate we sometimes have – but there were already trees and a pathway – and some crab apples – so we decided on our version and look at a lot of You-Tube videos. It was a shady area and it was almost hidden from the rest of the garden so in May 2019 we began.

Firstly a  gentle boardwalk to move from one level to the next where all was revealed once you got to the bottom strep and walking onto Crab apple Walk. There was a dry stone wall along one side and as the land dropped away we planted lots of grasses and a row of Weeping Lilli Pillis to give the area some lushness. We added grasses, succulents, callistemons, seaside daisies pig face, straw flowers, wooden mushrooms – and a Golden Elm created a magic archway over the pathway.

As this was also part of Edna Walling Walk – we knew she would have been pleased to see the wall and rocks – and her love of the Crab apple was well known!