Pandemic Gardening at Uccello Lane

The COVID lockdown of 2020 and 2021 has meant so much more time spent in the garden, ordering online those plants you didn’t know you needed. Walking around the path meant you could do those things you meant to – but never got time. Even though it meant the Open Garden was cancelled again – we just felt we were living at Uccello Lane and never ventured out to the wider world.

Through the Winter you could see the bones of the garden so we worked on the roses and re-located the artichokes which they loved. Spring bought with it the wisteria and cherry blossoms which never looked better. It is like they knew we needed their color and scent!
As always the Silver Birches really are the tree that keeps on giving no matter what the season or if we are in lockdown. During winter and emerging into spring with no leaves just that creamy bark with black branches. It is time for the bulbs to have their turn in the sun – the hellebores are first, then the bluebells and daffodils – the iris and tulips are almost ready – and the freshia’s came out today!
The birds are everywhere building nests and fighting for a bath.

By Autumn 2021 came round the colors were early but brighter – for a while it seemed like an early spring – but winter (and another lockdown) set in. The Daphne and the Camellias took centre stage to give us some reason to go for a walk!