Edna Walling – Gardener

Edna Walling has a unique place in Australian Gardening History. She was one of Australia’s most influential landscape designers. She began gardening when it was a “men only” career and had to work hard to overcome the prejustice of the time.

Edna Walling – Selfie

Some of her gardens are:

Her aim was for the garden and house relate harmoniously to each other and to the natural environment. Stone walls, uneven rough-hewn steps, a copse of silver birches, wide pergolas and paths – always softened with a mantle of greenery formed an integral part of her designs.

Often a subtle blend of native and exotic trees were planted, drawing inspiration from the Australian bush, creating a more naturalistic style with boulders, rocky outcrops and indigenous plants. Edna created garden ‘rooms’ with crazy paving stones meandering from one area to another – these were “Walling” trademarks in garden design from the 1930s on.

So when we began to design the Uccello Lane garden we always had inspiration and would ask – “What would Edna do?” We knew it was to have a garden we could enjoy through all seasons every day we were there!