Birds in the Nest

Bird in the Nest – Ornithologists Take Flight

The birds were here before we arrived and they stayed on. My father loved the bush, nature and the peace and simple calmness is gives. We were the bird spotters – nests, eggs, tress, hollow logs, chicks – everything was studied and discussed.

And now when I look up from my window and his passing smile
into the blue of a perfect sky – I know that it is one of those rare days when I can truly fly

Our single aim was to create a place at Uccello Lane where birds would come to nest, to sqwark, to feed and to have trees that encouraged this. Our love of the bird knows no bounds. The gift of flight – the ability to soar into the sky – to own the world!

Birds who visit Uccello Lane:

Gang Gang are really easily spooked – the faintest movement and off they go. But in the recent hot weather they came each day to drink.
Musk Parrots are amazing – with a red mask across their eyes they are like acrobats and are happy to take on the lorikeets!
Lorikeets own the front balcony, They hang upside down eat the seed and drink the special “nectar water.
King Parrots were slow to start but now we can hand feed them and sometimes there are more than a dozen hanging around.
Eastern Rosella is very skitish and tries to blend in the bushes – which is not easy when you are so bright.
Crimson Rosella’s hang near the Olive trees but they are fleeting and once the olives are gone so are they!
Yellow-tailed Black cockatoo (a.k.a.big black cockatoo) with the yellow cheeks sits high in the tree crunching berries, and nuts from the hakia tree and skwarking relentlessly.
Kookaburra often laughing at all hours for no apparent reason and making soo much noise – but all is forgiven as they are the most fascinating friendly birds.