The Secret Garden – Mary-lou Pittard Tiles

We have loved the work of Mary-lou Pittard forever at Uccello Lane. Her Teapots and bowls, vases are bright and natural.

So she made us tiles for the Wisteria Colonnade and the walls of the Secret Garden – they are unique and perfect!

Capturing the love of birds and the color of the render blending into the native bush.

Mary-lou (and Chris) came out and stood in the garden to get inspiration and then carefully left specific plans on where they were to be placed by Mick Harris.

Once the tiles were on the rendered walls we all knew we were indeed in a a “special” garden!

The panel for the Wisteria Colonnade was to be the feature – just Wisteria on the walls and roof and tiles on the ground. When we first saw it at Mary-lou’s studio it was breath taking – once in place it took on the dimension we wanted – it looked like it had always been there.

The bricks that capped the walls were old and crumbly, irregular shapes but perfect for the job. They featured around both doors and needed lots of skill to lay.

The door to the Secret Garden – the handle is from Steptoes in Preston.

The Secret Garden – In the Beginning…

A string line was set up and from that we could see that it was possible – but not as easy as we hoped. Let’s not mention “artistic differences”. The excavators came and get things ready for the concrete – also we now know where the irrigation system goes. We waited a few months then the blockwork was built – first the hobbit door and it was here for the first time it seemed it would work.

As you drove up Uccello Lane you would see the door and the Secret Garden wall and wonder “what is behind it”. Along the way the doors caused lots of issues – sometimes they just needed strong encouragement to fit.

So now we had the Secret Garden Walls and Doors – what was inside?