Mawarra: Trees most splendid!

Mawarra is an example of Edna Walling when given a blank canvas and a gentle slope at Sherbrooke in the Dandenongs in Victoria. The galleries below show the garden in mid-April in the most wonderful autumn colors- have a look at the wonderful trees and the steps and stones that take you there.


The standout feature of Mawarra are the tall amazing trees – planted to display the colors of Autumn and with different specimens everywhere.

Beautiful vistas and rare plantings coupled with winding paths traversing the grounds including the croquet lawn and a cottage garden.

Mawarra: Cottages, Plants and Vistas

Mawarra Garden is 3 acres with a large “manor” house built in 1932. Originally known as “The Grove” –  is recognised as Edna Walling’s most famous garden.

Also within the grounds is a cottage built in 1936 and based on Princess Elizabeth and Margaret’s life-sized dolls house at Royal Lodge Scotland,