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…..From the beginning

Flora and Fauna after the rain….May 2019

It was a long dry summer and it was not until May that we finally got some good soaking rain – the garden responded  and grass peeped through quickly – and the kangaroos quickly ate it.

Bonnie Dog – On Guard

Bonnie Dog is almost 8 years old and is a devoted member of the team at Uccello Lane. She had a big territory to manage – birds, chooks, rabbits, kangaroos, possums, rats, mice, snakes. lizards….and many things in between.

She is often exhausted and has to rest but due to superior hearing can be disturbed by a slight noise in the garden. She is a bit scared of the fox…but unfortunately NOT of the snakes! The chooks just laugh at her – but Bonnie knows one day she will get in that coup!

The Secret Garden – Autumn Lights

So the “Secret Garden” is finished – we will add the water feature and some plants later but for now it is just blending in with the rest of the garden and is truly magical. It is most perfect in the early morning – protected from the wind and cold acting like a suntrap – Bonnie and I head out to for breakfast and get ready for the day. Sometimes the big grey kangaroo visits but mostly we miss him but know he has been there by the giant droppings!
Eats new grass and visits - then gently jumps away...no hassle...Bonnie is very unsettled..

Eats new grass and visits – then gently jumps away…no hassle…Bonnie is very unsettled..