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Trees – Ghost Gum – “Corymbia aparrerinja”

Eucalypts, commonly known as gum trees, form an integral part of the Australian identity with the bush. From the children’s song Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree through to the distinctive smell of eucalypts to iconic paintings and photographs, eucalypts are an essential part of Australian culture, featuring in art, music and literature.




Camellias & Rhododendron- glossy leaves and vibrant winter colors!

Camellias signal the start of autumn and keep on right through winter. They love acid soil at Uccello Lane and burst into bloom when everything else seems to be having a rest! They grow under the Ghost Gums where nothing else will with bright red flowers.
Rhododendron is like a winter orchid and loves the acid soil like the Camellias.