Uccello Lane – Early days

We moved into Uccello Lane in 2012 – it was a mudbrick house on a lane that led to the Yarra River – with a garden that was very natural and overgrown but all the hard landscaping and rock work had been done.

Every room had floor length windows so you really felt like you were at one with the outside.

For the winter there was a conservatory to sit in and catch the winter sun.
It had been a good winter so the flowing lawns looked lush – just as well since our first summer here was long and dry.

The first thing we noticed were the birds – they were every where so that is why we decided to name this wonderful landscape Uccello Lane – Italian for Bird.

Birds – Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus)

These birds have yellow patches on their cheeks – and we prefer to call them the Yellow Cheeked Black Cockatoo as it is very distinctive and makes them look a bit like a clown.
They are very noisy eaters of native trees which have nuts or berries and screech to each other. Large and almost hawke like in size they are a favorite at Uccello Lane as they travel in packs and swoop then fly of to the distance.