Bird Houses and Baths

We have bird baths and feeders at Uccello Lane Рno point attracting birds with nothing to feed them with or on. Mainly it is the plants they come for Рthe Coroes outside our window or bottlebrush (callistemon) out the front.

Up in the top corner with the mushrooms is a birdbath made in the Edna Walling style – it is very popular and gets filled often Both the kookaburras and the magpies patrol this area as the worms seem to be on steroids.

On the bank there is a bird feed which we have used a hollow log my dad had adapted for his aviary – we call it the “Ned Kelly” feeder.¬†Hopefully a parrot may build a nest in it but it is exposed there so maybe not for a while. This area is frequented by the King Parrot and the Yellow Tailed Parrot.

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