Garden Plans – Inspired by Edna Walling

There were no plans to begin with. We knew what sort of garden we wanted – a rambling full of adventure place like Edna Walling described but beyond that it was overwhelming. But – we did have the hard landscaping done and many many mature beautiful trees so anything else was just a bonus.

Edna Walling – Gardener

Edna Walling – Gardener

Most importantly the garden had to be an extension of the mudbrick houses where floor length windows everywhere meant the garden was always visible and to be enjoyed. We also included as many elements as Edna described – we even tried to make our own mushrooms like she did – ours were just a bit too rustic!

Edna Walling – Gardener

After 7 years I drew the sketch above – we were almost there.

Inspired by Edna Walling where the birds build their nests and take a bath. It is a place for all the seasons – just like coming home.

Open the gate….come on in…follow the paths…past the Bank…to the Secret Garden…..the Birch Forest…….the Wisteria Colonnade

and down past the fernery, across the boardwalk to the Woodland….look out for the birds eating at the olive grove..

sit for a while at the Il Pergolato di Rosa ………over to the Perennial Garden and end up at the kitchen garden with its willow fence…

At all times watch out for the kangaroo!!!

Edibles – and the chooks are back!

After we lost our last flock to a fox – we decided to rebuild from the bottom up – and did everything that we read to make the new hen house fox proof. This took a year but finally we were ready to restock. 9 new ones arrived on Saturday with including 3 silkies!. Not sure of the names yet but already we love them all.


Autumn 2022 – Glorious Time

The autumn we are having in 2022 is perfect – misty mornings, warm days, cool nights!



Tiled Native Bird Panel from Mary Lou Pittard – the best yet

Mary Lou Pittard has made a Wisteria Colonnade tiled panel, the Rose Garden, more tiles in the Secret Garden but her best work yet got installed today after a long journey…

We had the idea of a tiled panel like you see in Tuscany and Greece with a tap coming out and running water – Mary Lou had great ideas and off she went  – then COVID came, then we waited for the right weather and Vince glued them up at last. It was always going to be spectacular but we were not prepared for how striking it was!

The blue extruded border is startling and just the grouting to go and the water to come through the centre and its done! It is a work of art!

Nearly there…

Cubby and Sandpit up under the Paper Barks – for the BoyZ!

So we now have two grandsons and they like to be outside running wild at Uccello Lane. We needed a spot for them to play and hide – but where we could see them – so at the highest place in Uccello Lane we built a cubby – then a sandpit for all the “diggers”.


Musk Lorikeet – the Masked Bandit

The Musk Lorikeet are mainly green with yellow patches on their sides, red above their beaks and behind their eyes, and a blue crown. They really do look like they are wearing a mask.

They are acrobatic and mix well with the other birds – but they like to all gather and drink together.

This year (2022) is the first time we have seen them as well as increased Gan Gans.

Open Garden Weekend 2021 – Virtual Tour

Since our Open Garden was cancelled due to COVID restrictions we did a virtual tour. Next year we should be able to show the garden in person!

The Daffodils are out and the chooks are eating their greens… its Spring 2021

The daffodils are blooming and making the Birch Forest look alive. The chooks are pumping out 8 eggs a day – and they love their greens.

Spring Rain – September 2021 (COVID Time)

The garden looks so fresh and new after 3 days of “spring rain”. The bulbs are out and the wisteria looks ready to burst. The Louis Van Houte Elm tree has it’s blossoms out and getting ready to shade the Secret Garden. The chooks are laying seven eggs a day – and are not very quiet about it!

Pandemic Autumn – one year on

Summer never really happened so it was no surprise that the leaves on the apple tree which is our indicator that Autumn is here in 2021 – suddenly turn red overnight (or so it seemed.)

Everything was lush and had great summer growth. The woodland flourished and salvias grew over a metre tall in a few short months. But most splendid of all was the Louis van Houtte Elm – it’s lime foliage and beautiful leaves dominate the drive in – with the ghost gum in front – spectacular.
We were just getting used to being back in the garden when another lockdown came and the weather seemed to get cold very quickly.

Pandemic Winter

There has been lots of rain, some snow and the camellias have never been better! A strange time at Uccello Lane but the garden has been such an escape from real life of COVID and lockdown – the birches with the hellebore (another star this winter) underneath.
The lawns are lush and there is growth everywhere – even now blossoms are starting.
The artichokes have been moved down to the roses and provide that great arching foliage. Kangaroos and kookaburras visiting while Bonnie Dog tries to control the rabbit population!

Pandemic Summer

2021 Summer bought with it rain followed by warm days – followed by rain. Growth has been amazing – it was only in early January that we could feel the heat and the grass is drying off. The roses have been magnificent. We planted Lambs Ears with an artichoke border around the Rosa di Pergolato -plus geraniums and carnations just for more color. The result was so much better than we expected even if the Lamb’s Ears got away from us and had to be severely cut back.

We added another Secret Garden. We put a gate at the top of the bank which leads to a path that gives you a view of the whole back garden – and best thing is you are totally hidden. You just walk past the white seat and follow the stairs. Then you are at the viewing seat to look at the chooks!. A perfect lockdown sitting spot.

Pandemic Spring

2020 Spring has arrived – the wisteria and cherry blossoms have never looked better – they don’t care about pandemics!
The Silver Birches really are the tree that keeps on giving no matter what the season or if we are in lockdown. During winter and emerging into spring with no leaves just that creamy bark with black branches. It is time for the bulbs to have their turn in the sun – the hellebores are first, then the bluebells and daffodils – the iris and tulips are almost ready – and the freshia’s came out today!
The birds are everywhere building nests and fighting for a bath.

The “Welcome Beds” – via Protea Avenue

The “Welcome Beds” – as you drive up the Lane you will pass through two garden beds which includes Protea Avenue. There are mainly natives with protea, leucadendrons, banksias, waratah and Stuart desert pea ground cover going over the rocks. There are bird baths & houses – and some wooden mushrooms.