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Spring Late – 2019 Guest Photographer

Spring 2019 has been glorious – after the hot summer we had some good rainfall – and now it is lush. We had a guest photographer capture some of Uccello Lane – and some old photos of how it was.

Starting with “The Bank”  everything is in flower including the wisteria, snowball trees and the lavender. Have a look at how it was in 2013 .

The edibles and kitchen garden are getting planted – and the fennel has taken over.

The birch forest with the helibores underplanted and trees with bark that look like an owl..some old pictures from 2015 – before the birches grew

The Secret Garden has a lavender hedge and a new wrought iron door to peep through – it all started with a string line and some plastic fencing…
The Rosa Arbor is in getting ready to burst – and the natives are also keen to get in on the season…
then it across to CrabApple Walk – past the dry stone wall and across to the perennial garden

Romantic Garden – Shirley Minster from Creswick

As part of the Open Garden for Creswick we went to Shirley Minster beautiful rose garden. It is a rather romantic garden in very difficult conditions fighting rabbits, a hard clay soil and a very limited water supply. The  Smoke bush is amazing but the heroines are the Roses.

Flora and Fauna after the rain….May 2019

It was a long dry summer and it was not until May that we finally got some good soaking rain – the garden responded  and grass peeped through quickly – and the kangaroos quickly ate it.

Rosa di Pagola, Artichokes – and an Alien Salvia!

Rosa di Pagola has emerged from its life as a cricket pitch. There is a meandering path down that leads past the artichokes with their purple seed heads – and then the alien salvia…


Autumn – 2018 at the Lane after a long dry Summer

Camellias & Rhododendron- glossy leaves and vibrant winter colors!

Camellias signal the start of autumn and keep on right through winter. They love acid soil at Uccello Lane and burst into bloom when everything else seems to be having a rest! They grow under the Ghost Gums where nothing else will with bright red flowers.
Rhododendron is like a winter orchid and loves the acid soil like the Camellias.