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Moss and Mold Pear Tree

Birches and Pear Trees – Moss and Mold

The Birch trees are now in their 4th year – they are not quite a forest yet but soon. The Pear Tree is more than 40 years old and is covered in moss and mold but produces pears each year to feed the birds and possums.

Trees – Silver Birch Clopse – Every Edna Walling Garden should have one!

“Walling’s style was demonstrated with her magical method of placing silver birch trees in subtle harmony with one another, she took five potatoes from a bucket, threw them all in the same general direction and said “There!” It was no more haphazard than nature’s way.”
So we found an area at Uccello Lane that seemed perfect for the silver birch “forest. We had seen an amazing example at Alowyn where hundreds of silver birches had been planted closely together and then underplanted with hellebores. Firstly the area had to be cleared and the soil prepared. Trav’s Trees came and removed undergrowth and weed “trees”. Adam and his men from Three Colors Green prepared the soil and then Heather Allen decided on the plantings – sort of Edna Walling style!
The birches are growing and we plan to extend the area to incorporate the Pear tree and add some more Birch’s so it really does become a Birch Forest!
Birch Forest - The sign

Birch Forest – The sign