Abutilons – Chinese Lanterns

Abutilon or Chinese lanterns many different colors and so easy to look after. They come in many colors and can be cut back hard and will reflower quickly. There is a Flea Beatle which seems to feast on the leaves – so we have been spraying with some oil and also digging up around roots – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


Roses are a must in any garden – there is a place for them anywhere even if it is just a pot! We built the Rosa di Pagola as the main feature but all around Uccello Lane there are roses – so we always have flowers somewhere.

Early days

We moved into Uccello Lane in 2012 – it was a mudbrick house on a lane that led to the Yarra River – with a garden that was very natural and overgrown but all the hard landscaping and rock work had been done. Every room had floor length windows so you really felt like you were at one with the outside. For the winter…

“The Bank”

By late spring in 2019 after the hot summer we had some good rainfall – and  “The Bank” was lush. Everything was in flower the wisteria, snowball trees, lily pillis to bring the birds  and  lavender.  “The Bank” is viewed from the study, the craft room or the conservatory. It is always on show –  but it was not always this way – in…

The Woodland – Boardwalk & Stone Wall

A stone wall is part of any Garden that is influenced by Edna Walling. We knew there had to be one but not where. So soon after we decided on “The Woodland” area in 2016 it became clear that was where it had to be. Edna Walling Walk at one end and Crabapple Walk on the other with a stone wall along one side…

Birch Forest

“Walling’s style was demonstrated with her magical method of placing silver birch trees in subtle harmony with one another, she took five potatoes from a bucket, threw them all in the same general direction and said “There!” It was no more haphazard than nature’s way.” The Birch trees are now in their 7th year – they are not quite a forest yet but soon….

Rosa di Pagola

Rosa di Pagola has emerged from its life as a cricket pitch. There is a meandering path down that leads past the artichokes with their purple seed heads – and then the alien salvia…  

Wisteria Colonnade – it’s done and it is spectacular!

We had a wisteria that had been neglected on the back fence, but as you know that does not stop wisteria – in fact they thrive on neglect but it did not seem to flower! It has been a couple of years in the making but yes the Wisteria Colonnade is now complete. It fits into the garden in scale and provides the feature against…

Early days in the Lane – Before the first long hot summer

We arrived at Uccello Lane in September 2012 and the garden was lush and green – overgrown but ready for work.

As the summer approached we were mindful that the growth had to be cleared back – in case of snakes and the like. This was not a small task!