Garden Plans – Inspired by Edna Walling

There were no plans to begin with. We knew what sort of garden we wanted – a rambling full of adventure place like Edna Walling described but beyond that it was overwhelming. But – we did have the hard landscaping done and many many mature beautiful trees so anything else was just a bonus.

Edna Walling – Gardener

Edna Walling – Gardener

Most importantly the garden had to be an extension of the mudbrick houses where floor length windows everywhere meant the garden was always visible and to be enjoyed. We also included as many elements as Edna described – we even tried to make our own mushrooms like she did – ours were just a bit too rustic!

Edna Walling – Gardener

After 7 years I drew the sketch above – we were almost there.

Inspired by Edna Walling where the birds build their nests and take a bath. It is a place for all the seasons – just like coming home.

Open the gate….come on in…follow the paths…past the Bank…to the Secret Garden…..the Birch Forest…….the Wisteria Colonnade

and down past the fernery, across the boardwalk to the Woodland….look out for the birds eating at the olive grove..

sit for a while at the Il Pergolato di Rosa ………over to the Perennial Garden and end up at the kitchen garden with its willow fence…

At all times watch out for the kangaroo!!!

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