A Boardwalk and a Dry Stone Wall

A stone wall is part of any Garden that is influenced by Edna Walling. We knew there had to be one but not where. The pathway had continued after the Secret Garden to where we wanted to make a “woodland” – it became clear this is where it should be.


Firstly we had to build the “connector” which was a boardwalk that would gently take you down into the woodland. Art Deco wrought iron from a wrecking yard lined one side. Also the land dropped away quickly so 20 Weeping Lilli Pillis where planted to create a “living” fence.
So with Crab Apple Walk at one end and Edna Walling Walk at the other and the boardwalk in place –  a stone wall was agreed on – it was a big job but everyone involved confessed they always wanted to do one so we began.

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