Larrikin Lorikeets

The lorikeets run the show for the bird population at Uccello Lane. Every bird feeder, bird bath, railing, perch is theirs’s – even if they are just flying by they will take time out to scare of the “intruder”.
They “own the tree” out the front of the balcony and will tolerate others using it but that’s all. They are acrobatic and expect to be fed and have their special “nectar” water always available. Myna Birds are not allowed!

The White Cockatoo would like to have some of this action and even though a much bigger bird it makes no difference – the Lorikeets are fearless. They have their baths and then sit and dry in the sun.
We have two favorites called Luigi and Ted – they come each morning to the balcony and “peer” in to check on what’s happening. That means some seed – not just any seed, the good stuff – the Sunflower seed!

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